How To Choose: An Accent Chair

We understand. Sometimes with so many choices it’s difficult to make a decision on something. What’s the next best thing to having one of our fabulous designers help you? Answer our 4 easy questions before choosing the perfect accent chair for your home… 


Kubu Chair (Ship Bottom)

How are you going to use the chair? We are assuming you are going to sit in it so that is a given :) But how often? Are you looking for something comfy to sink into and watch tv or are you looking for something to add a bit of color and style to a hallway. Figuring out how you will use the chair will go a long way in determining the style, comfort and size.



Dining Accent Chair (Southampton)









Where are you going to put the chair? This is a big one. So much of chair placement in a room determines the style, fabric and shape. For example, If the accent chair is being used in a dining room, you will want to consider if it will be used for extra seating at a dinner party. If so, size and shape will play a big role with respect to the dining table. Large chair arms are probably not a great option.




Pebble Accent Chair (Ship Bottom)


What style is the room? Good news is there is probably an accent chair that will work with just about every style imaginable. Tricky part is finding that perfect chair. The accent chair doesn’t have to match your style exactly. You will want to use things like size, shape and fabric to “relate” to the other furnishings in the room. You can also use an accent chair as an opportunity to add a bit of texture to a room. Get creative!


Tub Chair (Southampton)







What ultimately ties the room together? Whether you are looking to bring a bedroom, living room, or dining room together the concept is basically the same. Look at the existing furnishings and layout to determine the perfect chair to reinforce a theme or color palette, and at the same time as ad utility to the space.


Keep an eye out. A lot more to come from the “How to choose” series.