Furniture in Oskar Huber Southampton

Expect more from the store you love. We’ve updated our furniture selection to fit the way you live. Our Southampton store displays everything from transitional, classic, and contemporary styles. And, we’ve curated most of our collections from skilled American artisans, so rest assured you’re getting the highest quality furniture. Browse some of the latest looks in our Southampton store. Keep in mind, these are only some of the items available in our store and inventory is always changing. To browse all of our furniture items, visit us today


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You’re unique…and your furniture should be, too! Customization is Oskar Huber’s specialty, far exceeding what other stores offer. Instead of having to compromise, you can custom order to fit a specific space, to achieve a certain look, and to serve different functions. Almost every single sofa, chair, recliner, sectional and ottoman available through Oskar Huber has options that can help you create the perfect room in your home. We also offer many options for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and more.


Need design help? We have a full staff of talented designers ready to help you create a home that reflects your individual design personality. From furniture to window treatments, they can help you discover a beautiful oasis in your own home. Meet our design team.



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