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Live Edge Design

Live Edge Design is a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Live edge furniture often incorporates types of wood that would not be used in conventional woodworking. There are special challenges involved in working with this type of wood, and several methods for live edge have developed.         Live Edge wood is milled differently as it is carefully handled to ...Read More »

Design Portfolio: Haven Beach LBI

One of our talented designers, Russell Heckman, recently worked with clients Steve and Abby Sakwa to complete their coastal home in Haven Beach NJ. Situated just yards from the beach, this brand-new coastal property was beautiful, and empty. After just a few short weeks of working with Russ and others at Oskar Huber, the Sakwa’s now have a fully furnished and decorated home worthy of hosting their friends and family. Complete ...Read More »

Tips for Buying a Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress can be a confusing and frustrating process. With so many brands, models, stores, and sizes to choose from, it is understandable that many consumers consider this a "grudge" purchase. Keep your search simple:             Why are you looking to replace your current mattress set? Lack of support and loss of comfort are the most  common reasons. Comfort and support do not disappear overnight from a mattress set. Chances are, ...Read More »

Youtube > Fresh Content

We thought we would take a minute to re-introduce you to the Oskar Huber Furniture & Design Youtube Channel. Along with our Website, Facebook, and other social media, we will be re-invigorating our video presence on Youtube to bring you fresh content featuring Design Trends, New Furniture, Featured Customer Homes, Contests, and lots of other exciting stuff.   In order to make things easy for you, simply click the button below to ...Read More »

Furniture Care: Upholstery

Due to the popularity of our Wood Care Blog which you can view here, we thought it would be beneficial to continue with another popular category: Upholstery. And yes, there is such thing as a pug pattern fabric :)   Follow these easy tips to get the most beauty and durability out of your new furniture.   1. Avoid excessive heat, light, or moisture. To prevent fading and discoloration, keep your new upholstery away ...Read More »

Father’s Day

Wikipedia says, “A man cave or man space is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.” In the past a man cave was indeed a place for men to congregate and enjoy the simple pleasures of beer, sports, and dirty jokes. Well times have changed. Now a days a man cave can be more of a ...Read More »

Luonto Furniture

We have a new arrival here at Oskar Huber furniture & Design! As you may know we love to feature other family owned furniture makers so we are excited to introduce Luonto Furniture. Luonto Furniture is handmade in Finland since 1964! We now have two Luonto pieces in stock. Stop in to either of our locations to experience this fine, functional furniture in person.     MONIKA SOFA SLEEPER (Shown in Southampton and Ship ...Read More »

Natural Beauty

Petrified stone, mineral, agate, and geode accents have become an increasingly popular design trend. These gems, no pun intended :) , are turning up everywhere from furniture accessories to fashion. Unmistakable and striking due to their beautiful patterns and shades, these accessories add an earthy feel to any room without compromising on elegance. There are tons of wonderful, exciting, and creative ways for you to incorporate objects of natural beauty into your room. Below we have a few!       Available now in ...Read More »