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Decorating for the Holiday Season

November has arrived and we welcome the holiday season with excitement. The cool Fall air means football, sweaters, and gathering at home with family and friends. Our attention turns to creating a sense of warmth and making our homes comfortable and inviting. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate with a Fall palette.    LAYER WITH FRAGRANCE AND SOFT TEXTILES Fall gives us a good reason to cozy up with a luxurious throw ...Read More »

Dining for the Holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us which means visiting with family and friends. We at Oskar Huber want you to have the right furniture for the occasion so lets talk about Dining! In this blog our very own Bobby Huber Jr. gives you helpful tips to choose the right dining room set for your family.    How to buy Casual or Formal Dining Furniture  The society we live in has become ever ...Read More »

High Point Market

It’s Fall Time and we all know what that means. Changing leaves, pumpkins, family and the latest and greatest in fall trends at High Point Market! This year the fall market did not disappoint! Despite quite a bit of rain on our trip down we are excited to bring you the best the world’s largest furniture trade show has to offer. Tour the market with our very own accessory buyer Melanie ...Read More »

Oskar Huber History

Oskar Huber, Sr. embarked on the journey of a lifetime immigrating from Germany to Philadelphia in the early 1920’s. Oskar Sr. was an artisan by trade who made one exceptional piece of furniture at a time. In 1927, he opened his own store, Oskar Huber Furniture on Rising Sun Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. Today our company has two locations, Bucks County Pennsylvania and Long Beach Island New Jersey. We are ...Read More »

Oskar Huber Design Studio

Interior Design [/in’tirēər · də’zīn/] noun. The art of enhancing the experience within a room through the arrangement of light, surface treatments and three-dimensional forms in order to achieve a functional and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.   Creative Expression through interior design is not only therapeutic, but powerful in our daily lives—affecting how we live, work, play, and experience emotion. Planning a new space may be ...Read More »

Featuring Taracea

The meaning of Taracea...   The word taracea refers to an artisanal technique that has a history spanning thousands of years. It first meant the joining together of different wood species, and evolved to denote wooden craft that uses bone and metal as decorative elements. Much like the evolution of the word itself, Taracea (the company) has adapted its product offerings over time. The traditional furniture they came to be known for ...Read More »

Custom Fit

If you don't see it, We'll make it!    Oskar Huber Believes that true interior design is a combination of design elements inter-woven with personal touches that make any house truly feel like a home. As homeowners crave spaces that are uniquely designed to serve their individual needs, mass-produced furnishings and accessories do not offer that desired exclusivity factor. This is the reason why clients choose to work with Oskar Huber. We ...Read More »

After the Beach Season in Ship Bottom

There is a crispness to the air… the leaves are starting to turn, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Spiced Beers are out in full force and fall officially begins tomorrow. Throughout this post you will see several fabulous pieces that are available now on our Ship Bottom showroom floor.      This time of year our thoughts turn from beach activities to indoor projects.  Oskar Huber Furniture & Design on Long Beach Island ...Read More »