Behind-the-Scenes: An Oskar Huber Photoshoot

At Oskar Huber, we’re always trying new ways to bring the best interior styles to you. Sometimes, that means clearing out our store and creating a studio for furniture photos. Here’s an inside look at our team’s efforts and just how this process happens.


First, our marketing team determines what photos we will need and for what purpose. Typically, this will include a few different room scenes that feature particular products or a general scene that shows our style and brand. In this case, we needed to create two room scenes: one that matched our Southampton store, and one that matched our Ship Bottom store.


oskar-huber-photoshoot-2Then, the ideas are relayed to our merchandising team and product is chosen. Our merchandisers, including Bob Huber and his son, Bobby, browse through our selection of furniture, carefully choosing pieces that capture the marketing team’s theme. The furniture is then set aside for the day of the shoot.


We then turn to our talented Visual Stylist, Heidi. She will look at the furniture picked by the merchandising department and choose all the final touches, such as lamps, wall art, accent pillows, rugs, and more. These are the details that will bring the photos to life! They add personality, style, and pops of color to the room scenes.


oskar-huber-photos-furnitureOnce all the pieces are picked, a date for the photoshoot is scheduled. Our Visual Stylist, photographer, and a few members of our delivery team will come together to make the shoot happen. A section of the store is cleared out, typically a space with plenty light and room to move around. With the furniture moved into place, the room is styled, lighting is set, and the shoot begins! We’ll set up a few different room scenes while we have the space available and take hundreds of photos to ensure we get the right look. 


oskar-huber-photoshootThe photos are then edited by our Graphic Designer, Caitlin. She combs through each photo searching for perfect shots, looking for a few that match the requests of the Marketing team. Small color adjustments and editing is done to make sure the photo is perfect and true to life. Then, the selected photos are placed into advertising, on the Oskar Huber website, and on social media as needed.


And that’s it! That’s how we bring you the latest styles from our showroom! So keep your eye out for our next ad, you might just see these scenes!